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65 years of providing our customers with quality, value, and service they can count on.

Benchmaster has been building mechanical presses since 1937, with more than 80,000 machines shipped worldwide. We offer a wide range of gap frame presses from 5 through 15 tons capacity, with features and accessories to suit nearly any application. In addition, we can provide complete press systems, including light curtain and/or hard guarding, feeds, stock reels and more. Call us for your special requirements we can often build machines that other manufacturers either cannot or will not make.

Stamping, blanking, forming, notching, assembly, piercing, swaging…. You name the application, and a Benchmaster press is probably running the job right now. If you are a current user of Benchmaster, you know what we’re talking about. If not, we want to show you why we’re the best, and how we can increase productivity and safety in your pressroom applications.

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