We are excited  to announce a Dealer Representative Agreement with AMADA Press Systems America.  The addition of Amada’s premier line of Gap, Straight-side and Servo presses, allows Benchmaster, Inc. to offer an even broader catalog of reliable and reputable solutions for any application or project. In addition, Benchmaster, Inc. will offer in-plant or on field services for all products such as repairs, overhauls, factory component replacement and safety guarding for standard and custom press machines.

For any Amada or ORI products, we offer special financing through Amada Financing


Drive type:  Link

Slide Dimmensions:  82.67″ X 48.03″

Bolster Dimensions:  94.48″ X 48.03″  

Die Height :  21.65″ 

Stroke: Length:  9.84″

SPM:  20~40

Status/Location: TBD


Drive type:  Eccentric

Slide Dimmensions:  15.74″ X 13.77″

Bolster Dimensions:  31.49″ X 17.71″  

Die Height :  10.03″ 

Stroke: Length:  3.93″

SPM:  55~100

Status/Location: TBD


Drive Type:  Link

Slide Dimension:  27.55″ X 21.65″

Bolster Dimension:  49.21″ X 25.59″

Die Height:  14.95″

Stroke Length:  ~5.90”

SPM:  40~80

Status/Location: TBD

SDE3020 Goriki

Drive Type:  Servo

Slide Dimension:  53.14″ X 29.52″

Bolster Dimension:  68.50″ X 35.43″

Die Height:  18.11″

Stroke Length:  ~7.87”

SPM:  ~ 95

Status/Location: TBD

For more information on all the products Amada has to offer. Visit the Amada Official Website